About Us

Since 1991 Electrum LTD is specialized in developing and production of power supplies, measurement and control devices for the needs of energetics and industry.

Електрум ООД - за нас

In its 24 year history the company has gained considerable experience in the sphere of:

  • development, production, assembly, installing and service of electrotechnical and electronic products for the needs of energetic and industry;
  • delivery of UPS for AC and DC current;
  • structural cable infrastructures;
  • systems for automation of machine processes;
  • energy equipment repairs.


Our clients are leading Bulgarian companies in the fields of energetic, mechanical engineering, communication systems, banking, metallurgy, transport and many other industries:

  • NEC – National Electric Company, WPP “RILA”, WPP “RODOPI” – over 100 rectifiers; automation and distributing electric frames;
  • EVN Bulgaria, E.ON Bulgaria, CES Bulgaria – rectifiers for substations; digital measurement devices;
  • NCRI – National company “Railroad Infrastructure” – electric power supply systems, impulse rectifiers, digital measurement devices;
  • ENEMONA AD, Risk Engineering AD – rectifiers for substations; automation frames, digital measurement devices;
  • HYUNDAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES – production of data plates and digital measurement devices;
  • ELPROM TRAFO CH – production of data plates;
  • ATSA – Air Traffic Services Authority – rectifiers for substations, ups distance monitoring system;
  • KREMIKOVTZI AD – rectifiers for metallurgy machinery; chargeable rectifiers.